COVID-19 Community Support

This page has been created in response to requests from some homeless support projects we've supported in the past. Given the current situation, they're struggling to get essential items they need for homeless people, people in insecure accommodation and other vulnerable service users. These can include people fleeing domestic violence, people who have lost their homes, asylum seekers - basically, people who have very little and need help.

Now, we've been donating 10% of all order values to providing them with supplies for essential hygiene kits: soap, shower gel, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste and sanitary products are the main ones. As they're struggling with logistics being unable to buy in bulk, we've made arrangements with a wholesaler to deliver in bulk direct to them, to be distributed directly to those that need them by their volunteers through the Andover Community Hub on the Andover Estate in North London. We're doing all the logistics stuff from here and covering shipping costs etc. 

Now, we're going to continue donating 10% of all order values to this project for as long as we can - but if you want to help us get more supplies, the products below are effectively purchasable on their behalf. You don't need to be placing an order with us. If you just want to contribute and don't want to buy anything for yourself, just put the product/s you want to donate in your shopping cart, and select 'collection in person' as your delivery option. You'll get a confirmation email, and we'll add that to the products we're ordering on their behalf. If you're adding products from here to your basket and you are placing an order, we'll ship your order as normal and assign these products to the delivery to the community hub.

We're also being asked for hand creams for hospitals, and we're working out if we have the capacity to help with that as a small business, so we'll look at whether we can add some hand creams available to purchase for nurses, to be delivered directly to ICUs and COVIS-19 wards across the UK. We have contacts at hospitals in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, the Midlands, and London - but we're still working out the logistics, supply chain and capacity on that. 

Please by aware that these products are not available to buy from us. We are not 'selling' them and you will not receive any products from orders on this page. The products will be purchased from the wholesaler on your behalf, added to the products we are donating ourselves, and shipped to community hubs and food banks to be handed out to those who need them the most.