100% Cotton Soap Saver Bag

100% Cotton Soap Saver Bag


These cute little soap saver hanging bags were specially designed to fit our round and square soaps (although they'll fit a range of other brands, too), and have been hand crocheted in the UK from 100% cotton reclaimed/repurposed yarn. Supplied in plastic-free packaging, they're a perfectly sustainable zero waste alternative to bottles of shower gel. 

The bags measure approximately 9cm square. The mesh design helps them dry out faster.

They're really easy to use, just pop your soap into the soap saver and use the handle loops to hang it in the shower or on the tap to dry. You can also put multiple bits of leftover soap together into the bag to make sure you use every last bit.

The cotton yarn is soft, but doesn't stretch or lose its shape, and can be used as a gentle body washer with the soap inside, whether in the shower, the bath, or the sink for handwashing - it helps work up a rich, creamy later and helps prevent the soap slipping out of your hands. To make soaps last longer, cut them into pieces and use a piece at a time to stop the soap getting soft. 

Both the soap saver bags and face scrubbies can be rinsed out under the tap, washed by hand with shampoo, soap etc, or popped in the washing machine with your regular wash and, of course, used over and over again.