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Autumn Aches Relief Seasonal Special Edition Gift Box


Every month, we run a competition on our Facebook page for people to design a seasonal package, which becomes a prize won by one of our page subscribers. To get involved, visit our Facebook page here. We then also make the package available at a special discounted rate for a limited time. This package will only be available until the end of December 2019 (when it will be replaced with a new seasonal package).

The Autumn Aches Relief seasonal package is packed with a range of hgoodies to banish weather-related aches and pains! The package contains the following:


Smokin' Joints Soothing Depth Charge Bath Treat

Back for Good Warming Depth Charge Bath Treat

Smokin' Joints Soothing Natural Massage OIl 100ml
Back for Good Warming Natural Massage OIl 100ml
Smokin' Joints Soothing Shea Butter Balm 100ml
Smokin' Joints Soothing Bath Butter Melt

Back for Good Warming Bath Butter Melt

The products would normally cost just over £26 if purchased separately, so this special edition box will save you over 20% on RRP.