Bunch of Flowers Mother's Day Gift Box

Bunch of Flowers Mother's Day Gift Box


Our special 'Limited Edition' gift box for Mother's Day is a 'bunch of flowers', but the kind that don't wilt before the week is out!

All our floral favourites are included, and our 'Bunch of Flowers' comes in a free gift box, with a gift card with your personal message, and includes the following:

* Blue Monday Uplifting Natural Aroma Oil 10ml
* Flower Power Skin Repair Balm 30ml
* Tender Touch Facial Steamer Tab Triple Pack
* Con-Scenting Adults Sensual Depth Charge Fizzy Bath Treat
* Farewell Anxie-Tea Herbal Infusion 25g
*Calm Balm Soothing Temple Balm 30ml

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