Christmas Cracker Hidden Prize Depth Charges

Christmas Cracker Hidden Prize Depth Charges


Our 'Christmas Cracker' Depth Charges are back for Christmas only!

This year's hidden 'prizes' include sleigh bells, real lucky sixpences, and little metal and enamel necklace, phone or bag charms to keep long after the bath water has drained away. 


Each Christmas Cracker Depth Charge comes wrapped it's own little organza bag, which can be used again as a gift bag, and/or to hang on your Christmas tree. To hang them up so they scent the room, just remove the outer (compostable) wrapper and use the gift bag drawstring thread to hang it. They're made with plenty of soporific lavender, refreshing orange and soothing marjoram, perfect for a relaxing evening soak! Get them whilst they last at just £1.95 each.


The Christmas Cracker Depth Charges are made with the same blend as our regular ones, so plenty of lovely moisturising cocoa butter to keep your skin soft and supple.

Please note that, in previous years, our festive Depth Charges have been packed with a plastic bag inside the gift bag to seal the product - as part of our commitment to continually reduce our plastic use, these depth charges are now packaged without the internal plastic, and the individual Depth Charges are wrapped in a PLA (biodegradable plant-based plastic) bags over the reuseable gift bag. If, however, you would like your order without the reusable organza gift bags, please add a note in the field below.


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