Clove Pure Essential Oil 10ml

Clove Pure Essential Oil 10ml


Clove oil is produced from the buds of the Eugenia Caryophyllata tree, and has been used in perfumery, medicine and skincare for centuries. 

It's often associated with breath fresheners and toothache remedies, but it is very strong and should be well diluted before direct skin contact, although it is often used as a topical anagesic. The warming scent is often assocatioed with Christmas. It's also used in herbal medicine as an expectorant, as well as an antiseptic, and clove buds themselves are often used to flavour food. It's most popular use, however, is in perfumery for it's warm, spicy and rich scent.


Our Clove Bud oil is produced in Madagascar by steam distillation.


Subject to being diluted before use on skin (as with all essential oils), Clove Bud Oil is safe for use in pregnancy after the 1st trimester, but owing to it's potency in skin contact, should be avoided in topical preparations for young children.