SALE: Explosivi-Tea Tea In-Cup Infuser

SALE: Explosivi-Tea Tea In-Cup Infuser


Clearing to make room for new design!

If you find all our cute animal infusers a little bit cutsey and want a brew without the fuss and mess of digging out the teapot, but also without a host of woodland creatures, we've got the gadget for you!

So, here's our very own Fragmen-tea-tion Grenade! Whether you're  after your afternoon Earl Grenade, or a Lapsang Sou Bomb (sorry, couldn't resist!), this handy BPA-free silicone helper will do the job and help you make tea, not war. There's no need for animosi-tea!

Pop your chosen infusion (or TNTea...) in our explosive assistant, hang it on the side of your mug by the firing pin, then leave it to form your own flavour bomb! It'll have you sorted in Tea-minus 5 seconds.... you can finally say 'Farewell tea arms' and put your feet up with a good brew!


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