SALE: Lime Pure Essential Oil

SALE: Lime Pure Essential Oil

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Lime is produced from the peel of the lime fruit, giving a fresh, zesty citrus aroma. It's refreshing and stimulating, and can help to lift the mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. It may be helpful in balancing oily skin and with similar properties to that of lemon. It blends well with bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, petitgrain, peppermint, orange, mandarin, pine and rosemary, and is great for use in making your own houehold cleaning products.

Our lime oil is produced in Peru by steam distillation.

Care must be taken with all citrus essential oils as they can increase photosensitivity of skin, so avoid use on the skin before going out in the sun.Lime is safe for use during pregnancy after the first trimester.  

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