Lughnasa Lathering Special Edition Gift Bag

Lughnasa Lathering Special Edition Gift Bag


Every month, we run a competition on our Facebook page for people to design a seasonal package, which becomes a prize won by one of our page subscribers. To get involved, visit our Facebook page here. We then also make the package available at a special discounted rate for a limited time. This package will only be available until the end of September 2021 (when it will be replaced with a new seasonal package).

The Lughnasa Lathering seasonal package, designed as ever by our lovely social media subscribers, has plenty of 'harvest themed' goodies, packed with all thing fruit and spiced for your own 'Harvest Festival'!

The package contains the following:


Sunshine Suds Soap 90g

Spiced Chai 50g

Morning Glory Depth Charge

Fruity Fresh Hidden Prize Depth Charge

Back for Good Massage Oil 100ml

Turkish Delight Lip Balm

Wooden it be Spice Pit Stop 50ml

Visit our Facebook page to get a promo code which gives you 20% off the package.