MayDay! Special Edition Gift Bag

MayDay! Special Edition Gift Bag


Every month, we run a competition on our Facebook page for people to design a seasonal package, which becomes a prize won by one of our page subscribers. To get involved, visit our Facebook page here. We then also make the package available at a special discounted rate for a limited time. This package will only be available until the end of June 2021 (when it will be replaced with a new seasonal package).

The MayDay! seasonal package, designed as ever by our lovely social media subscribers, is an SOS-themed self-care pack for when the sudden increase in socialising makes you want to hide in the bathroom because you've forgotten how to people. Plenty of calming and de-stressing goodies, and some bright and cheerful aromas to bring a little sunshine.

The package contains the following:


Calmer Chameleon Massage Oil 50ml
Brainstorm Rescue Oil 10ml
Brainstorm Temple Balm 50ml
Hippification Relaxing Depth Charge Bath Treat

Calm Balm 30ml
Farewell Anxie-Tea Herbal Infusion 25g
Mental Clari-Tea Herbal Infusion 25g

Sunshine Suds organic vegan soap 90g

SOS Facial Steamer Tabs Triple Pack

Visit our Facebook page to get a promo code which gives you 20% off the package.