Rose Absolute 10ml (5% Dilution in Grapeseed Oil)

Rose Absolute 10ml (5% Dilution in Grapeseed Oil)


Rose has a distinctive, deep, rich, rosy-spicy, honey-like aroma. It is a delicate, uplifting and soothing oil. It's primary function for centuries has of course been in perfumery, where it is highly prized as a luxurious ingredient. 

However, it's also used in aromatherapy to relive stress, insomnia and depression symptoms, as a skincare ingredient and in massage to help improve circulation and digestive function.

Absolutes are solvent extractions from plants where the plant is too delicate for an essential oil to be extracted. This product is 5% rose absolute in a dilution of grapeseed oil, in order to make a very expensive and rare oil more affordable (it takes 600kg of fresh rose petals to produce 1kg of the absolute). It is still strong and should be diluted before direct skin contact. 


Our Rose Centifolia absolute is produced in Grasse, France.