SALE: Spice Boutique Empty Paper Disposable Tea Bags

SALE: Spice Boutique Empty Paper Disposable Tea Bags

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These new self-fill unbleached tea bags from Spice Boutique are made in Scotland and are certified chlorine & dioxin free. They are 100% biodgradable/compostable paper bags with a cotton drawstring and zero plastic, making them an ideal choice for reducing your ecological footprint. When you’re finished, you can throw the whole thing in your composter, waste food recycling or biogas convertor, and they will biodegrade in landfill waste, too.


Available in one pot size (7cm x 9cm) in packs of 50 and one cup size (5cm x 7cm) in packs of 100.

They are packaged in sustainably-sourced cardboard with BOPP wrappers. BOPP is a biodegradable sustainable plastic which can be composted or biodegraded in water.

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