Tea-Ranosaurux Rex Tea In-Cup Infuser

Tea-Ranosaurux Rex Tea In-Cup Infuser


Want a brew without the fuss and mess of digging out the teapot? Our fabulous friend is here all the way from the late cre-tea-ceous period to lend a hand!

Pop your chosen infusion in our little tea-ropod's egg, pop their (little tiny) arms on the side of your cup, then leave our 'mugzilla' to work their magic until your tea is just the way you like it, with no fuss and no mess. They even come with a little silicone stand to pop them on when you're done. It's tea-historic!

If you think we're out of dinosaur tea puns yet, sorry, there's more! Whilst not entirely paleontologically accurate, you could call them tea-rodactyl, diplodocup, velioc-tea-raptor, or even (for cartoon fans), Gad-brew-ky!

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