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Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil 10ml

Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil 10ml


Tea Tree is a powerful antimicrobial agent, effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi - and has even been shown to kill MRSA bugs. It is toxic when taken via mouth, but is a common ingredient in skincare preparations owing to its excellent healing and cleansing properties, particularly with regard to spots and pimples. A few drops in your bath water with some salt is a great treatment for both skin infections and vaginal thrush.

Our tea tree oil is produced in Australia by steam distillation.

Tea Tree is also toxic to animals, and so should be kept away from children and pets. Tea tree is a powerful extract, and should be well diluted before use (although it can be dabbed neat onto pimples). It is safe for use in pregnancy (but not labour)  and is safe for children over 5 when well diluted.


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