SALE: The Little Teasmaid Tea In-Cup Infuser

SALE: The Little Teasmaid Tea In-Cup Infuser

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Fancy a brew, but less enthusiastic about washing (or buying) a teapot? 

Our little teasmaid is the perfect solution for mari (tea) time! Give her a space to perch on the edge of your cup for the perfect brew! It's a tail of two sit-teas..... (b'dum tsh!) and, before you know it, she'll be saying 'Hello, buoys!' (Sorry, this is becoming a pun obsession now....)

Pop your chosen infusion in her tail, let her chill on the side of your cup until your tea is the perfect strength for you. Made from BPA-free silicone, she's dishwasher safe, although all you really need to do is twist, remove the leaves, and rinse, and she's ready for more 'fish and sips'!

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