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Build Your Own Gift

We know that everyone is different and that no two people are alike. Rather than just offering pre-packed gift sets, we also have gift packaging available to purchase, so all you need to do is pick the products you want in the gift, then pick the gift packaging option that best suits the gift you want to create and we’ll do the rest - we’ll pack your presents into the gift bag or box of your choice and make up your bespoke gift. If you want to do something more complex - for example you want multiple gifts, or your want some things in the gift and some things separate, that’s also no problem, just drop us a line using the contact box at the bottom of every page, and we’ll get things exactly as you want them.

In terms of what options we have and what will work in each option, you can choose from an organza gift bag for just 50p (we have a range suitable for anything from 1 to 8 items, so we’ll package them appropriately). If you’re looking for a larger gift, then our standard gift boxes are suitable for up to 5 or 6 items (not including multipacks of bath products). These are £1.95, include tissue paper lining and come finished with ribbon. Alternatively, to make a really big impression, our larger handmade hamper gift boxes come lined with paper and tied with ribbon. The colours and designs of these handmade boxes vary by season, will fit anything up to 10 items depending on their size, and add £2.95 to your total gift cost.


We also have our eco-friendly reusable jute bags (as seen in our gift bags), which also come lined with coloured tissue paper and will fit up to 12 items, and which will add £3.25 to your gift cost. We can even add a gift card and tag free of charge if you let us know what you want them to say. We can ship direct to your recipient if you like, complete with a gift receipt. Don't forget to add a gift message, so your recipient knows who it's from and so we know to include a gift delivery note without pricing information.

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