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What Our Customers Have to Say...

We love talking to our customers - it’s how we make improvements to our products and service and how we find out about what our customers want and need. If you’ve got something to add, you have any questions, or you want to get something off your chest, then visit our contact page or use the form at the bottom of every page. We promise you’ll get a personal response - not an autoresponder or copy-and-paste tool in sight!  


However, here’s a pick of some of the comments from our customers. You’ll find more in our regular newsletter, just click on the button below to sign up.

"Brainstorm balm: I get migraines and this stuff makes them more bearable and shorter, and can even head them off if applied with enough lead time. Pairs well with ibuprofen." 

Dave, Lancaster

“I love this tea. It looks interesting, smells nice and tastes delicious and fresh. Best of all it works and quickly. I notice a calmness, a lack of tension physically and soothing relaxation washing through me, helping to melt any stress of anxiety I'm holding. I highly recommend this product and will be purchasing more.”                                        

5 Star Review left on Amazon for our Farewell Anxie-Tea herbal infusion

Derminator - improves my child's eczema so much, she has asked can she take a sample to school for her teacher who also has eczema!

Jen, East Yorkshire

“I love the bath butter melts, they feel & smell so luxurious. As someone with very sensitive skin who has had reactions to bath products in the past it's a real treat to find a luxury bath product that doesn’t cause me to break out in a rash! Thank you so much!”                                                                     

Donna Maudling, via our Facebook page, about our Bath Butter Belt Melts

“Just wanted to say how much of a god send “The Derminator” has been to me.  I have had a really bad reaction to something all over my face and this stuff is the only thing I can bear on my skin at the moment and fully believe that in the space of a week the Derminator has helped in making a vast improvement. The claim of evening skin tone is very much  a valid one.  It has helped with the redness and the soreness. The puss filled blisters were a particular treat!  I was a bit apprehensive with putting something oily on my face as I have very much combination skin but within minutes it has soaked in and worked it’s magic, leaving no residue. Thank you so much for creating this product, it will remain in my skincare routine for sure and it has been very much a sanity saver for me and you deserve to be very proud of it.”                                                                               


Katie, Devon

"I heard about Bimble through a mutual friend. I have tried their tattoo aftercare which is lovely and soothing, a little really does go a long way. I also ordered 'Smokin' Joints' balm to help with my RSI and tennis elbow, it actually worked better than I thought it would, my elbow pain has near enough gone and my RSI has cleared up I can't recommend Bimble enough, the customer service is brilliant and items arrive really quickly."

Karen Jones, Wallasey

Fantastic products. Have loved everything I've ever had from Bimble. 
I have a rather large range of their oils & balms, and adore the bath melts & depth charges (I've run out though!).

I use the oils & balms on me & the cats, dog, ponies & even to help new hens settle in!

Jo, Staffordshire

I recently placed an order for a number of products from Bimble. Several of them were bespoke and tailored due to allergies and what they were being used for. They couldn’t have been more helpful, spending quite some time working out what would suit me best for my needs. I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchases. I would always go to Bimble first for any skincare products, especially as I use some of them on my littles.

Helen, Nottingham

I'm a massive fan of Bimble's Soothe-Ink Tattoo Aftercare Balm. I've used it on my last couple of tats and it's done wonders during the itchy phase! It's also really good on little cuts.

I use Wide Awake and Blue Monday aromatherapy oils when I'm working. If I'm working to a tight deadline and need to focus, Wide Awake goes in the oil burner, If I'm having a bad day, Blue Monday helps me chill out and relax.

Gemz, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 

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