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What is Bimble?

To Bimble (intransitive verb):

To amble at a leisurely pace, to walk with no particular haste or purpose.


Synonyms: amble, potter, roam, stroll, wander, dander


Frequently associated with military slang, ‘Bimble’ has become a part of the informal English language. It conjures up the notion of a relaxing stroll to fetch the Sunday papers, a ‘turn around the grounds’, or a pleasant summer stroll. To us, it symbolises everything that’s good about ‘taking time to smell the roses’.

It’s taking a bit of ‘me’ time, it’s knowing when it’s OK to relax. It’s sinking into a luxurious bubble bath and putting marshmallows on top of your hot chocolate. It’s buying yourself a bunch of your favourite flowers, sharing big hugs and painting your toe nails even when you’re going to be wearing socks.

It’s all the stuff that we promise to give ourselves, but never get round to. It’s looking after yourself, because that’s the best start-point from which to care for others. Most importantly, it’s recognising that your body and your mind are the most amazing gifts you’ll ever possess, and learning how to love and take care of them.

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