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Bath Products

Our range of ‘depth charge’ bath products are our explosive, fizzy treats! Pop one into a freshly run bath and watch it fizz around the tub, releasing it’s delicious fragrances!  
Our luxurious range of bath butters are our most moisturising bath treats that melt into your bath water. Our Bath Butters are made from just pure cocoa butter and sweet almond oil, and can double as a solid shaving oil for those who like to pamper their pins in the tub! Pop one into a freshly run bath and let it melt away, releasing it’s moisturising goodness and delicious fragrance!  
Many of the delicious fragrances are available to match our lovely massage oils, shea butter balms, shower bars and home aromatherapy products - please feel free to take a look. Unlike many industrially-produced bath products, we only use 100% natural essential oils and natural vegetable-based moisturisers in our bath products, with no artificial ingredients and absolutely no mineral oil. One quick warning, though: All our bath treats contain lots of lovely botanicals oils and cocoa butter. This will make you and the bath quite slippery, so be careful when getting in and out of the tub!

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