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Subscription Service

We have launched a subscription service for products that you use regularly and wish to save money on whilst saving time on placing orders. The services works like this:

  • You choose the products you want to subscribe to, the frequency you wish to receive them, and your preferred order date (e.g. 1st of every month, every other month on the 10th etc).

  • We set up a direct card payment service for your orders.

  • We will contact you 3 days before the shipment is due to be sent via email, at which point, you may cancel your order, change your delivery date, or add additional items to save on shipping costs.

  • You'll receive a 10% discount on your subscribed products, and also on any additional products you add to your regular order.

  • If we do not hear back from you over the 3 days, we'll assume your regular order is correct and we will bill your card and ship your products.

  • You control your subscription and can cancel at any time up to 24 hours before your chosen date of dispatch.

  • To start a subscription, click the link below to send us an email. We'll ask you about your product choice/s, frequency, chosen delivery date and send you a link to set up your subscription account. 

  • You can also purchase a gift subscription for someone else - for instance, if you want to send a product to someone for a fixed number of months, complete with a complimentary gift message card.

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