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Our Supporters

Getting started as a small independent business is always going to be tough - a huge chunk of business start-ups don’t reach their first anniversary, often through no fault of their own. We’ve been incredibly fortunate with the support we’ve received, both from enthusiastic customers who’ve come back time and again and who’ve ‘evangelised’ what we do far and wide - they’re the best marketing campaign we could hope for, and we’re grateful to every one of you!


In addition, we’ve run a couple of crowdfunding campaigns - initially to get our first products to market and, more recently, to expand our range and help get a selection of our products retail-ready, to give them the professional makeover that will help us compete on the high street with the big boys and girls. Both campaigns reached target, with the more recent Kickstarter project reaching more than 200% of its funding target.


We’d like to thank those generous folks who have contributed to the success of the project. Below is our Gallery of Gratitude’, where we’ve inscribed the names of all the BimbleBees who’ve contributed to the project (who have not asked to remain anonymous). Thanks for your support - it means so much to us!