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Our Environmental Policy

We believe that we are guests on this planet, and that we do not own it. We are therefore committed to being good house-guests. We believe that we have a great resource in our natural environment, and that we should use it wisely. We are the custodians of our planet for future generations, and we should exercise good stewardship and respect with regard to it.


What this means in practical and measurable terms is the minimising of environmental impact of all we do. We know that every choice we make has an impact on our environment, and we strive to make good choices. We have chosen the following areas of focus to measure and manage our environmental impact:


Manufacturing and Products


We manufacture in small batches, to reduce wastage. We strive to choose manufacturing methods that use the least possible resources in terms of energy and water. We try to ensure that our products leave as little a footprint as possible – bath products which do not pollute water, teas and bath products which can be composted and no petrochemicals in our toiletries whatsoever. We use 100% green electricity at our production site, and 100% carbon offset gas. 




We try to source as locally as possible, to the point of growing, drying and preparing our own herbs where we can. Anything we grow ourselves is done so organically using traditional, non-intensive methods. We are also clear in our product descriptions where we get our ingredients, so that our customers can make informed choices. We try to source organic produce where possible and economically viable.




All consumer activity produces waste. We are determined to reduce this as much as possible, and to help our customers do the same. We do this by using as much recycled and recyclable packaging as possible, insisting on minimal packaging from our suppliers, and following the reduce, reuse, recycle principle to all our waste, right down to using scrap paper for rough notes before shredding it for packing. We also work to minimise the use of plastic packaging at all, which is why many products come in paper bags or recycled glass bottles. We recycle all waste which cannot be used, including our own composting facilities. To find out more about our packaging reuse project, please see our packaging page.




The only chemicals we use are the ones you see on the product ingredients lists – baking soda, calamine, and similar. Nature gave us a vast range of fragrances, preservatives and colours, so we’ll never use artificial ones. European directives require that we use specific nomenclature on our ingredients lists, but we also use the common name of each ingredient where applicable on our website and packaging so that customers can make informed choices. We use non-toxic, naturally derived cleaning products at our premises.




We understand that air freight and transport are some of the most polluting activities on the planet so, as well as sourcing as much as possible in the UK, we also try to minimise our travel using technology and, where we have to travel, we use public transport wherever possible.


We want to be as carbon-neutral as possible, and we don’t claim to be perfect, so we welcome suggestions from our customers of how we can further reduce our environmental impact. Any suggestions we receive will be reviewed at our quarterly environmental audit and our customers will always receive a personal response.

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