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Our Social Responsibility Policy

We believe that everyone has a duty to ensure that their activities do not have a negative impact on the people their activities affect, the people who come into contact with them, and the wider global community.  We’d like to think that this is a combination of common sense and basic human decency, but sadly, this isn’t always the case. Often, the rights of people to be treated with respect, fairness and decency are overlooked in the battle to cut costs or increase profits.


We are a business, not a charity, and we will not be a business if we do not make a profit. That said, we have never, and will never make that profit at the expense of our principles of fairness, transparency, respect for people, animals and the environment and being a good global neighbour.


We aim to achieve this through the following key areas:




Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We pledge to always deal with them openly, honestly, and clearly, to enable them to make their own informed choices.

Animal Welfare

Whilst not testing cosmetic products on animals became a (long overdue, in our opinion!) legal requirement in recent years, which made all testing on animals for cosmetics illegal - and rightly so! - we don’t believe that simply adhering to the law is enough. In addition to not testing our products on animals, and never having tested any of our products on animals, we audit all our suppliers to ensure that none of the ingredients we purchase are or have been previously tested on animals. All of our products are suitable for vegetarians, and the only animal products that we use in any of our products are sustainably and ethically sourced honey and beeswax from carefully-selected British suppliers, along with amino acids derived from natural silk in some haircare products. The only products that contain any of these ingredients are the Shea Butter Balms, Lip Balms, Flower Power Healing Balm, Soothe-Ink Tattoo Aftercare Balm and some solid shampoo bars. All other products in our range are suitable for vegans. We display all ingredients on our product information pages to allow customers to make an informed choice about what they wish to use.  


Staff and Contractors


Our staff, and anyone contracted to work on behalf of us, regardless of who their overall employer is, are the lifeblood of our business. They provide the means by which we are able to trade. Without them, we wouldn’t have a business. We pledge to ensure that they are treated with respect, and dealt with fairly in all things. Our benchmark for this is that they should be treated as we would wish to be treated, as they are part of the company family.




Ethical and sustainable sourcing is a central promise of the business. We’d love to source all our supplies locally and organically, but this isn’t possible for many reasons. Where we can, we will source locally. Where we cannot, we will ensure that the initial producer is given a fair price for their goods. We will exercise as much influence as we can to ensure that they, in return, utilise environmentally sustainable production methods and treat their staff fairly. We treat all our suppliers as we would like to be treated as a supplier. Where we need to sub-contract production, we will never do so without being intimately involved with the process, to enable us to ensure that our high standards are also adhered to by our sub-contractors - and that all sub-contract work is carried out in the UK.




It is important to us that our customers and the wider community can use us as a source of information about a range of subjects connected to the work we do. In this regard, we are committed to providing a range of free of charge resources and information via our website, including forums to share ideas, links to relevant organisations on everything from use of natural products to pain management, and fact sheets which our online community may find useful.




‘Community’ is a broad concept, and we are part of several areas of community. In terms of our geographical community, we are committed to provide local employment and use local suppliers wherever possible.


In terms of our place in an online community, we are committed to providing a welcoming place where our customers are not seen as merely customers, but part of a community which shares information and, via our social media platforms, provides a forum to meet like-minded people and relax!


We also support several charities within our community. As a company centred around comfort and wellbeing, we are particularly focused on supporting disabled people and carers, often through military charities, but also through disability rights campaigning. As a company dedicated to cruelty-free products and ingredients, we are also involved with a couple of local animal charities managed by some of our long-term customers.

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