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Free WiIdflower Seeds Promotion Information 

Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm for this promotion. We'll be pausing the promotion over Winter from November onwards as we're now outside sowing season, with a view to re-commencing in March.

We're currently running a promotion to give away wildflower seeds with every order. This page provides the answers to some frequently-asked questions about the promotion, as well as providing further information about the seeds and some terms and conditions for the promotion.

The reason for the promotion is that we at Bimble are passionate about bees. Their role in our ecosystem is essential to life on Earth - but they're in danger. Whilst there are many reasons for the loss of bees, such as the use of pesticides, one of the key reasons is loss of habitat. 97% of native British wildflower meadows have been lost since World War 2.

The little seeds packs we've made (in plastic-free packaging) are sufficient to recreate 1 square metre of wildflower meadow. Please feel free to use them in a garden, in a planter, or on waste ground. To plant them in a garden, scatter them on prepared ground. To 'plant' them as part of a guerilla gardening initiative on waste ground, just scatter them on bare earth. 

The seeds we've selected are a pre-prepared blend of wildflower seeds made by a UK seed specialist company in accordance with Royal Horticultural Society guidelines. They are described as 'Perfect for Pollinators', and include 26 different native British wildflower species suitable for creating habitats for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects. The blend contains a wide range of species to create a diverse environment and range of food to support local wildlife. A full list of the flower species included are on the downloadable fact sheet created by the manufacturer here.

The seeds can be planted any time up to the end of October for flowering the following year, or between March and May for flowering the same year.

Terms and Conditions

1. All orders received via our website will receive a free 5g pack of British native wildflower seeds with their order (whilst stocks last, subject to availability).

2. Owing to import/export laws in various countries, this offer only applies to orders with delivery addresses in the European Union. If you are outside the EU but would like to receive a free pack of seeds, please contact us and we will check whether it is legal for us to send them to you!

3. The contents of each seed sachet may vary as the seeds are pre-mixed. The exact blend used is included in the manufacturer's downloadable fact sheet here.

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