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3ml Sample Vial Smells Like Green Spirit Eau de Toilette

3ml Sample Vial Smells Like Green Spirit Eau de Toilette


Want to try our Smells Like Green Spirit fragrance before committing to a full bottle? These 3ml sample vials are enough for a couple of day's use and small enough to fit in your pocket! If you're only ordering samples, you can select 'sample shipping only' at checkout for low-cost delivery for up to 6 samples.

Smells Like Green Spirit is a modern take on a 17th-century cologne recipe. Fresh, green and clean, with petitgrain, lime, sweet orange, bergamot and lemon for a fresh, zesty scent, with hints of rosemary and geranium for a green, herbal edge, and undertones of warm benzoin and rose geranium

Available in 30ml, 50ml and 100mlEau de Toilette spray, 100ml refill bottle, and 100ml Perfume 'kit' with 100ml spray, mini metal funnel and 10ml pocket/bag sized refillable atomiser.

"Smells like Green Spirit is a gorgeous burst of revitalising freshness every time I move." Kate, Langley Mill

"This is SO fresh! It's light, and it's just so 'green'. I don't know how a colour can have a smell, but it does! It's just clean and fresh and... well, green!" Pete, Tyneside

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