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Balmy March Hares Limited Edition Gift Box

Balmy March Hares Limited Edition Gift Box


Every month, we run a competition on our Facebook page for people to design a seasonal package, which becomes a prize won by one of our page subscribers. To get involved, visit our Facebook page here. We then also make the package available at a special discounted rate for a limited time. This package will only be available until the end of May 2024 (when it will be replaced with a new seasonal package).

The 'Balmy March Hares' Gift Package is a collection of all our shea butter balms!

The package contains the following:
Brainstorm Balm 50ml
Bedtime Snorey Sleep Balm 50ml
Contraflow Decongestant Balm 50ml
Bite Guard Insect Repellent Balm 50ml
Calm Balm Soothing Temple Balm 50ml
Smokin' Joints Warming Balm 50ml
Flower Power Skin Repair Balm 50ml

Visit our Facebook page to get a promo code which gives you 20% off the package.