Bergamot Pure Essential Oil 10ml (FC Free)

Bergamot Pure Essential Oil 10ml (FC Free)


Bergamot is an oil extracted from a citrus fruit rind. It’s probably best known as the flavour in earl grey tea, but it has a wide range of uses in aromatherapy. It’s an uplifting aroma with powerful anti-depressive properties, and this is it’s most common use. Add a few drops to an oil burner, your favourite body lotion or your bath water. It’s also a good antimicrobial and analgesic oil, and is a popular ingredient in natural deodorants owing to it’s antimicrobial and sweet-smelling properties.

Our bergamot oil is produced in southern Italy by steam distillation, and is certified FC (Furocoumarin) free.

Bergamot is safe for children and in pregnancy, although it can make skin photosensitive, so avoid direct skin contact before going out in the sun and dilute well for use on children's skin.

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