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Blue Monday Pulse-Point Rollerball Perfume Oil 10ml

Blue Monday Pulse-Point Rollerball Perfume Oil 10ml


Our rollerball pulse-point perfume oils are highly concentrated fragrances in a handy pocket-sized 10ml rollerball bottle, with a base of cold-pressed jojoba oil.

Blue Monday balances delicate florals with a fresh twist for a bouquet of blossoms without overt sweetness. Top notes of bergamot and ylang ylang combine with lavender and geranium and base notes of rosewood to create an uplifting, calming aroma.

."Blue Monday turns any day into a rainbow." Pondgirl, Catalunya

"Blue Monday is my favourite blend, its like a hug in a bottle! Calming rosewood and geranium makes me feel 100 times better when I feel stressed." Sarah, Leeds

"Blue Monday… how does it feel? Amazing! And very cheering!" Cat, Derbyshire

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