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Farewell Anxie-Tea Herbal Infusion

Farewell Anxie-Tea Herbal Infusion


This tea is a gentle, calming blend; designed to help you to relax, unwind, and banish stress and anxiety. Lavender has been used as a relaxing herb for many centuries, while hops have also long been recognised as a sedative herb. In times past, farm workers experienced what was referred to as ‘hop pickers’ fatigue’, which was a relaxed state brought on by the sedative aroma of the hops. Chamomile and Lime tree flower are relaxing and soporific herbs, while orange blossom has long been used to reduce stress and anxiety.


Ingredients: Lavender Flowers, German Chamomile Flowers, Lime Tree Flowers, Hops, Orange Blossom, Hibiscus

Advice: Whilst the amount of any given herb is far smaller with a tea than (for example) a supplement or tincture, care should still be taken in case of certain conditions.

This tea contains hibiscus, which may make it unsuitable for pregnant women. 

If you have any of the following conditions, please consult your physician before using this tea to discuss the ingredients: Oestogen-sensitive tumours and conditions, depression, heart disease, taking Lithium, diabetes, low blood pressure.

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