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Lemongrass Pure Essential Oil 10ml

Lemongrass Pure Essential Oil 10ml


The exotic and refreshing scent of lemongrass makes a great natural insect repellent - for people and pets. It’s primary usage outside of perfumery, however, is in the healing of connective tissue injuries -from tennis elbow to sprains, strains and torn ligaments. Diluted in a carrier oil, it should be massaged in to the affected area. The same diluted oil makes a good rub for varicose veins, and to rub on the stomach for digestive disorders.

Our lemongrass oil is cold-pressed and produced in India.

Lemongrass should not be used during pregnancy. It is safe for use with children over the age of 3, but it should be well diluted (1% maximum) for children under 10.

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