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Loose Dried Cloves 50g

Loose Dried Cloves 50g


Cloves have long been a popular culinary spice, especially for sweet dishes. They are used extensively in desserts and baking, for flavouring gins, spirits and other drinks, as well as in tea form. They are often used in mulling drinks and crafts as well.

They also have numerous historical and current medicinal uses. 

Cloves have a strong antioxidant profile and numerous antimicrobial compounds, as well as a powerful topical analgesic action. For these reasons, they are a common addition to chewing gums, mouthwashes and toothpastes, and clove in oil or tincture form has been a common treatment for toothache for centuries - it's even been recommended to chew a whole clove or wedge it next to a painful tooth in an emergency until dental treatment can be accessed.

As with all medicinal use of herbs, please speak to your doctor or care provider for further information. This description is not intended as medical advice or in place of medical advice.

Our cloves are supplied as a whole dried buds, and are grown in Indonesia. They are supplied in a simple paper bag.

Available in 50g packs.

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