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Loose Dried Ginger Root 50g

Loose Dried Ginger Root 50g


Ginger root is a popular culinary spice, especially for sweet dishes. It's used extensively in desserts and baking, as well as for flavouring gins, spirits and other drinks, as well as in tea form. It also has numerous medicinal uses.

Its most common medicinal use in root form is as a tea for digestive use - especially in countering nausea and aiding digestion - being pregnancy safe, it's especially useful in countering morning sickness (please see the study link below for more information). However, it is not recommended in pregnancy close to the due date, or for anyone with a history of miscarriage. In addition to nausea, it can be helpful in managing chronic indigestion (please see the link below).

It also has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. A study has recommended the use of ginger  in combatting the symptoms of osteoarthritis (please see the link below).

The anti-inflammatory properties have led to studies into it's use for menstrual pain (please see below).

It is also used in reducing blood sugar levels and in managing type 2 diabetes (please see the link belowfor more information).

As wth all medicinal use of herbs, please speak to your doctor or care provider for further information. This description is not intended as medical advice or in place of medical advice.

Our Ginger is supplied as a coarsely chopped dried root, and is grown in Nigeria. It is supplied in a simple paper bag.

Available in 50g packs.

Ginger and morning sickness
Ginger and indigestion
Ginger and osteoarthritis

Ginger and menstrual cramps
Ginger and type 2 diabetes

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