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Loose Dried Peppermint Herb 20g

Loose Dried Peppermint Herb 20g


Peppermint is primarily a culinary herb, used for both sweet and savoury dishes. It's primary use is in tea form, where it is also used equally as an enjoyable beverage in its own right and an effective digestive. Peppermint tea can be excellent in reducing indigestion symptoms, stomach cramps and nausea. Some also find it to be effective in treating headache and migraine symptoms. 

Unlike many medicinal teas, peppermint is gentle and safe for all ages, and can be drunk freely without dosage limit (within reason - this isn't a competitive sport!)

Our peppermint is supplied as coarsely chopped dried leaves, and is grown in Poland. It is supplied in a simple paper bag.

Available in 20g packs.

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