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Magic Unicorn Pulse-Point Rollerball Perfume Oil 10ml

Magic Unicorn Pulse-Point Rollerball Perfume Oil 10ml


Our rollerball pulse-point perfume oils are highly concentrated fragrances in a handy pocket-sized 10ml rollerball bottle, with a base of cold-pressed jojoba oil.

Magic Unicorn is sweet, floral and sparkling, casting a spell of candy floss, fairy castles, posies of flowers and birthday cakes (with sprinkles!). Fresh Sicilian lemon balances the sweet aroma of jasmine and ylang ylang, with undertones of rich vanilla.

"Magic Unicorn is my favourite! It smells like memories of a pleasant childhood- free and full of dreams and aspirations, and leaves my body and imagination sparkling." Heath, Yorkshire

"My daughter is obsessed with the Bath Bomb versions of this, so I jumped at the chance to try it out as a fragrance. It's sweet, floral and really nice. My daughter's verdict is that mummy smells like a fairy princess!" Lucy, Lincolnshire

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