Mental Clari-Tea Herbal Infusion

Mental Clari-Tea Herbal Infusion


This tea is light and refreshing, designed to help clear your head! Lavender has been used to help relieve physical and mental tension for centuries, as well as to remove the nausea associated with migraines. Feverfew can help ease an aching head and is a natural anti-inflammatory. Peppermint helps to refresh and clear the mind. With circulation-boosting ginger root, relaxing chamomile and congestion-busting marjoram, why not refresh your head!?


Ingredients: Peppermint Leaves, Lavender Flowers, German Chamomile Flowers, Ginger Root, Marjoram Leaves, Feverfew Leaves


Advice: Whilst the amount of any given herb is far smaller with a tea than (for example) a supplement or tincture, care should still be taken in case of certain conditions.

If you are pregnant or if you are allergic to ragweed, please avoid this tea as it contains feverfew.

If you have any of the following conditions, please consult your physician before using this tea to discuss the ingredients: Bleeding disorders or taking anticoalgulants, heart conditions, taking sedatives.