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Pamper Pack Gift Hamper

Pamper Pack Gift Hamper


Why not give the gift of an ultimate home spa pampering session? This hamper contains all our best products to ensure some perfect DIY home spa sessions of luxurious pampering, relaxing and ‘me time’! This gift is presented in a hand-made seasonal hamper box, and contains the following:  

* Con-Scenting Adults Sensual Depth Charge Fizzy Bath Treat
* Three King Awesome Facial Cleanser 50ml
*The Derminator Care & Repair Serum 50ml
* Flower Power Skin Healing Balm 50ml
* Tender Touch Triple Pack Facial Steamer Tabs
* Hemp & Honey Lip Balm
* Organic Cane Sugar Lip Scrub


This gift hamper is available in the regular year-round format, as well as in a Christmas-themed hamper box. Please select which you would like.