Patchouli Pure Essential Oil 10ml

Patchouli Pure Essential Oil 10ml


Beloved of hippies everywhere, patchouli has a very distinctive woody, musky and warming aroma with relaxing, aphrodisiac and soothing properties. It’s most common use is in perfumery, although it’s also popular as an anti-depressive agent. It’s ideal for home fragrance, as well as in bath and massage use. It’s also a good anti-inflammatory, and can be used in massage to help relive arthritis, sports injuries and gout.To use in massage, mix a few drops with a tablespoon of carrier oil or unscented body cream, or try adding a few drops to your bath water or a burner or diffuser. Patchouli is safe for children and is also safe for use during pregnancy.

Our patchouli oil is produced in Indonesia by steam distillation.

Patchouli oil is safe for use during pregnancy and for children over the age of 2, subject to dilution prior to skin contact as usual.

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