Peppermint Pure Essential Oil 10ml

Peppermint Pure Essential Oil 10ml


Peppermint is a refreshing, reviving oil which has numerous uses, from neat topical application to teeth and gums as a pain reliever and antimicrobial agent for toothache, to use in diffusers and burners and diluted in gels to relive headaches, help concentration and awaken the senses. It’s also fantastic used as a remedy for IBS, indigestion and trapped wind - either dilute in oil and gently rub into the stomach or add a few drops to a sugar cube and eat to relieve discomfort.

Our peppermint oil is produced in India by steam distillation.

Peppermint is safe for use children with children over the age of 3 (but should be diluted to a maximum of 0.5% concentration), but should not be used in early pregnancy. It's safe to use after the first trimester.

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