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Pyjama Par-Tea Herbal Infusion

Pyjama Par-Tea Herbal Infusion


This tea is relaxing and comforting, and the perfect bedtime drink. The Greeks used Valerian to help them get off to sleep, while Passionflower originated in Peruvian and Brazilian cultures, and was brought to Europe by the Spanish. Lavender and chamomile help to relax the mind, while catmint imparts a delicate, minty flavour to this refreshing bedtime brew. The soothing aroma of hops completes this light and gentle blend.  


Ingredients: Passionflower, Lavender Flowers, Valerian Root, Catnip, Hops, German Chamomile Flowers


Advice: Whilst the amount of any given herb is far smaller with a tea than (for example) a supplement or tincture, care should still be taken in case of certain conditions.

This tea contains catnip and passionflower, which may make it unsuitable for pregnant women or young children. This tea also contains valerian - please do not use whilst drinking alcohol.

If you have any of the following conditions, please consult your physician before using this tea to discuss the ingredients: Oestogen-sensitive tumours and conditions, depression.

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