SALE: Depth Charge Fizzy Bath Treat

SALE: Depth Charge Fizzy Bath Treat

£1.75 Regular Price
£0.88Sale Price

Because we make all our products in small batches to ensure they're nice and fresh, we rarely have sales due to overstock. However, from time to time, we have little 'ooops' moments for various reasons, and they end up in our sale section here. 

In the case of these depth charges, they are either slight production seconds (maybe a little corner broke off when taking them out of the moulds), or they've been a little battered on the shelves! They're still fresh and new, just a little 'rustic' around the edges! To find out more about each individual variety, please see their relevant page for ingredients, description etc.

Please be aware that some of the seasonal varieties may have hidden 'prizes' inside, which may make them unsuitable for small children due to small parts. Any Depth Charges with hidden prizes will be stated clearly on the label as always.


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