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Spice Spirit Infusion Kit

Spice Spirit Infusion Kit


Our spirit infusion kits can take you on a journey to create your own flavour experience! They are designed to guide you through the process of creating your own signature spirits and liquors.

The kit contains everything you'll need to customise a base spirit (which you'll need to provide). 

The spice kit contains:

* Instruction booklet
* 50ml vegetable glycerine
* Silicone funnel 
* Muslin strainer bag
* Tasting pipette
* 30g Rock sugar crystals
* 20g Orange peel
* 15g Whole star anise
* 15g Ginger root
* 10g Green cardamom pods
* 15g Allspice berries
* 15g Cloves
* 10g Crushed true cinnamon
* 2 x bottle tags & ties

The kit comes as a boxed set, making it ideal for gifting, and provides enough materials to make around 10 x 750ml bottles of spirits/liquors. Replacement supplies are also available. As well as this spice kit, we also offer a floral kit, a classic kit, a larger premium kit with more botanical options and the opportunity to curate your own botanical selection.

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