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Spirit Infusion Kit Additional Botanicals

Spirit Infusion Kit Additional Botanicals


Our spirit infusion kits can take you on a journey to create your own flavour experience! They are designed to guide you through the process of creating your own signature spirits and liquors.

Additional botanicals are available to supplement the kits. You can select from the list below. Larger packs of some botanicals are also available in our herbs and spices department.

* 30g Rock sugar crystals
* 20g Lemon peel
* 20g Orange peel
* 30g Dried sloes
* 15g Whole star anise
* 20g Juniper berries
* 15g Ginger root
* 20g Spiced chai blend
* 15g Allspice berries
* 15g Coffee beans
* 10g Hibiscus petals
* 10g Pink pepper berries
* 20g Black peppercorns
* 20g Elderberries
* 10g Lemongrass
* 5g Butterfly pea flowers
* 8g Verbena
* 15g Rosemary leaves 
* 15g Coriander seed 
* 5g Edible rose petals 
* 10g Elderflowers 
* 10g Edible lavender flowers
* 8g Chamomile flowers
* 25g Rosehip shells
* 10g Green cardamom pods 
* 15g Whole cloves 
* 10g Crushed true cinnamon 

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