Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) Gift Hamper

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) Gift Hamper


The perfect gift for anyone who struggles with sleep, this hamper contains all our best-selling products to aid natural, restful sleep. This gift is presented in a hand-made hamper box, and contains the following:  

* Bedtime Snorey Depth Charge Fizzy Bath Treat
* Bedtime Snorey Sleep-Enhancing Aroma Oil 10ml
* Bedtime Snorey Sleep-Enhancing Shea Butter Balm 50ml
* Pyjama Par-Tea Herbal Infusion 25g
* Morpheus Moment Organic Vegan Soap 90g
* Bedtime Snorey Bath Butter Melt
* Bedtime Snorey Massage Oil 50ml


This gift hamper is available in the regular year-round format, as well as in a Christmas-themed hamper box under the title 'The Night Before Christmas'. Please select which you would like.

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