Three King Awesome Facial Clay Cleanser

Three King Awesome Facial Clay Cleanser


Three King Awesome takes it's name from the frankincense essential oil which not only gives it its delicious aroma, but helps to soothe and protect dry and damaged skin. It's designed to nourish skin, gently cleansing without stripping away essential moisture.

Three King Awesome is made with fine bentonite clay to deep-cleanse pores, glycerine to soothe and protect skin, ground almonds to gently exfoliate without the harsh nature of so many exfoliants,  coconut oil to remove dirt and impurities, shea butter to add moisture to parched skin, and rose geranium and frankincense to soothe, heal and protect skin, leaving it soft, smooth, moisturised, supple and protected from everyday stresses.

Ingredients:  Ground Almonds, Bentonite Clay, Vegetable Glycerine, Raw Coconut Oil, Fairtrade Shea Butter; Essential Oils: Frankincense & Rose Geranium

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