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Wooden it be Spice Pulse-Point Rollerball Perfume Oil 10ml

Wooden it be Spice Pulse-Point Rollerball Perfume Oil 10ml


Our rollerball pulse-point perfume oils are highly concentrated fragrances in a handy pocket-sized 10ml rollerball bottle, with a base of cold-pressed jojoba oil.

Wooden it be Spice combines the seductive, warming scent of natural Indian sandalwood, black pepper, clove, oakmoss and patchouli to release the inner pirate/lumberjack/total hipster in you!

"Wooden It Be Spice has not only become my beard and shaving balm, but my go-to scent. Lasts all day, skin feels great - if I could bathe in it and wash my clothes in it, I would!" Dan, London

"A scent that is definitely as advertised, the woodsy and spicy notes are well-balanced and don't overwhelm but have enough clout and staying power to leave you with a subtle warm scent all day. I've used the soap for a while and was not disappointed in the fragrance tester. Overall the aroma is wonderfully delicious and complex." Zoie, Northern Ireland

"Delightfully spicy, suitably musky, it makes me feel like the fanciest lumberjack in town. It has enough spice in it to make an Ottoman Sultan envious, without being overpowering. Utterly delightful. Get some on you." Danny, South Yorks

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