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Wooden it be Spice Shower Scrub Bar 90g

Wooden it be Spice Shower Scrub Bar 90g


Our Shower Scrub Bars are a body wash and exfoilant body puff/scrubber in one - without the plastic!

The Shower Scrub Bar is a 90g bar of sulphate-free Vegan organic soap cast around a piece of natural loofah, and hanging from a natural jute rope handle - giving all the benefits of a body puff in a natural biodegradable format, and without the need for a plastic bottle of liquid shower gel, making it even more convenient for the gym and travel and the loofah scrubber can be reused when the soap is finished. 

Our Shower Scrub bars are made with plenty of moisturising vegetable glycerine, sustainably-sourced organic coconut and palm oils, and fragranced with seductive, warming indian sandalwood, black pepper, clove, oakmoss and patchouli pure essential oils to release the inner pirate/lumberjack/total hipster in you! 

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